r2d2 diamond gold engagement ring
re-cycled gold and diamond ring
star anchor memorial ring
cremation ash bead
Cremation Ash Beads
Cremation Ash Beads are such a lovely memorial piece. The perfect way to keep a loved one close by. These beads at first glance are pretty decorative glass beads. Only when you read the inscription on the side, do they inform that they hold a precious secret. These beads can be made in a range... Read More »
mini mannequin bust
fingerprint ring silver
White precious metal colours.
It is hard to portray the real white tone of the white metals in a photograph. Apart form the camera settings, lighting conditions, you also have the various screen displays, be it a monitor, tablet or phone. Sterling silver is the whitest of the precious metals. 9k whit eagle has a soft warm light cream... Read More »
Fingerprint camera bracelet.
A recent commission from a lovely young lady in the Isle of Man. An old fashioned camera was modelled for the catch of the bracelet. A simple catch on each camera makes this bracelet unique. I modelled a bead fo rthe bracelet based on an old fashioned film negative strip. the bead has two frames... Read More »
Les’ Buckle Ring
Les lives in the village and popped in to see me. When he was a lad, he had a buckle ring, but had lost it many years ago and always promised himself that he would replace it at some point. So we talked about what he wanted, the ring width and how fancy or plain... Read More »