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Cremation / Memory Jewellery

Memorial jewellery made. Cremation ashes into rings or jewellery. Fingerprint, hand print, foot print, signatures, handwriting and so much more. Capture the passing of a loved one or pet.

Memorial Hair Bead. from £ 89.00

Memorial Hair Bead.

Butterfly Star Ring from £ 185.00

Butterfly Star Ring

Shining Star Ring from £ 185.00

Shining Star Ring

Cremation Ash Bead from £ 99.00

Cremation Ash Bead

Hand Writing Pendant. from £ 139.00

Hand Writing Pendant.

Skull Pendant £ 80.00

Skull Pendant

Cremation Ash Pendant from £ 190.00

Cremation Ash Pendant

Star Light. £ 165.00

Star Light.

Bead Chain £ 45.00

Bead Chain

Star Wing Ring from £ 295.00

Star Wing Ring

Heart Wing Ring from £ 295.00

Heart Wing Ring

Cremation Ash Coin from £ 185.00

Cremation Ash Coin

Star Cluster 6mm Wide from £ 155.00

Star Cluster 6mm Wide

Gift Voucher from £ 25.00

Gift Voucher